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Manual (en) Tutorials

Basic tutorial:

Setting up a bus service
Setting up a train service
Setting up a plane service

Advanced railway tutorial:

Two Platforms
Two Tracks
Basic Network

In game tutorial:

In-game tutorial
In-depth Instructions

Railway construction:
Building tracks (en)
Building stations
Building depots (en)
Placing signals
Buying & selling trains
Converting railways
Road construction:
Building roads (en)
Building stations and loading bays (en)
Building depots
Buying & selling road vehicles
Waterways construction:
Building docks (en)
Building depots
Placing buoys
Buying & selling ships
Building locks and canals
Airport construction:
Building airports (en)
Buying & selling aircraft
General construction:
Building bridges (en)
Tunnels (en)
Landscaping (en)
Working with vehicles:
Setting vehicle orders
Refitting vehicles
Replacing vehicles
Grouping vehicles


So, you have set up your first transport company and some routes. What now? Well, it's up to you - you can choose to build a thousand bus services all across the map. Or you could see a nice business opportunity involving a forest and a nearby sawmill. Who knows? Just make sure you keep your company running profitably, and perhaps you'll end up as the greatest Transport Tycoon come the year 2050.

Next steps

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