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This article or section is outdated. Some of its content may no longer be accurate due to changes in the latest release. Please update this article.
OpenTTD 12.0 further simplifies the multiplayer experience.

OpenTTD has a much better multiplayer system compared to the original Transport Tycoon Deluxe. Servers can currently hold up to 15 companies, and up to 255 clients can be connected to the server. You can either play with your own company, or in Cooperative gameplay mode with another player.

Multiplayer gameplay


Connecting to a server

Choose a game server

The server list on the left shows the following information:

Resolving missing NewGRFs

If you want to join a server which show up as orange (NewGRF mismatch), you can click on the NewGRF Settings button and then on check online content to see if the missing NewGRFs are available through the online content system.

/File/en/Manual/Server join bananas.png

If you still can't resolve some NewGRFs you might want to try searching for it using the GRF Crawler.

Entering the game

In the next screen you will see a detailed list of who is already in the game, and several options on how to join the game.

Join multiplayer game

The company list on the left shows the following information:


Once you are in the game, gameplay is the same with a few extra features.

Note that the game may pause sometimes. This can happen while new players join the game, when there are less than the minimum active clients, or when the server administrator or Game Script manually pauses the game. If the game is paused that is displayed as usually in the status bar. The reason appears in the message area at the bottom left of the screen. You can't change the pause state as a client. Nobody can use the fast forward mode.


3. The Chat Display Area

Client list

The client list

  • Private Message: Send a chat message to only the selected client.
  • Speak to company: Send a chat message to everyone in the selected client's company.
  • Speak to all: Send a chat message to everyone.
  • Give money: Give up to £20,000,000 to the selected client's company.

The client list also tells who the server is. If the server has a name next to it, that person is running a Listen server. If the server has no name to it, then it is a dedicated server.

Company password

Enter your password here

Moving Between Companies

As of OpenTTD 0.7.0 (or more precise since r15242) it is possible to move between companies/spectator and create new companies without having to rejoin the game

New Company

You can find the 'New Company' option in the company list, it is only available if you are a spectator. If the servers 'max_companies' limit has been reached, this option is grayed out

company list as spectator

Join Company

Every company window has a join button (only displayed if you are not in that company).

company join button

A padlock displayed next to the join button indicates the company is password protected. Trying to join this company will prompt you for the password.

password protected company + pw prompt

Join Spectators

If you are in a company and want to spectate for a little, or plan to start a new company and must join spectators first, the company list now shows the item 'Spectate' where the 'New Company' item was listed before. If the servers 'max_spectators' limit has been reached, this option is grayed out.

join spectators

Desync error

A desync error occurs when one or more players move out of sync with the server. After a short while, the player will be ejected from the game with the following message:


Desyncs are always bugs in OpenTTD, which can be put into three classes: calling (Interactive)Random() in the wrong place, not rebuilding caches correctly, or coding errors like overflows. They are NOT caused by a too slow computer, too slow internet connection etc.

See Desync Debugging on how you can help to track and identify the bug.

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